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I have always had particular interest in natural medicine and holistic health. Being brought up by my grandparents, I had been given natural folk remedies whenever I was under the weather, and they’d worked wonders. In fact, due to severe antibiotic allergies, seeking natural cures tend to be my priority. I have always been curious about how these natural ingredients interact with the body and what makes them so effective; it was not until my training in TCM did I discover that when all of this connects to a 5000-year-old medical system supported by complex philosophical concepts… there are no simple answers.


I was first acquainted with the idea of studying TCM during my undergraduate studies in University of British Columbia. All along, my career endeavour had been to provide an effective and holistic medical alternative to people who seek to rid themselves of an illness or simply desire to improve their health. Of all the forms of alternative medicine, TCM appealed most to me. It has an incredibly well developed methodology and a myriad of clinical records, ranging from ancient physicians to modern clinical researchers, supporting its efficacy. Most importantly, I believe TCM stands closely to my career purpose, and that I will be able to help many people with this form of medicine.


My education at the International College of TCM in Vancouver further spurred my interest in the field. Now a graduate of the five-year Doctor of TCM program and former intern at the Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital in Taipei, I have accumulated extensive clinical experience in a hospital setting. I gained experience in TCM gastroenterology, gynaecology, auto-immunology, pulmonology, cardiology, endocrinology, paediatrics, and musculoskeletal problems. Most importantly, I had the valuable opportunity to diagnose and treat patients in the Intensive Care Unit.


As an acupuncturist, I utilize classical acupuncture concepts in combination with Dr. Yamamoto's Scalp acupuncture and Master Tung’s acupuncture methodology to greatly increases the therapeutic effects and shorten the duration of the entire course of treatment. As a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I design herbal prescriptions according to principles of the ancestral methods of TCM, focusing mostly on the patient's syndrome in relation to the 24 seasons and the movement of the sun. My greatest reward is a happy patient who has been relieved from their ailments. It is what propels me forward in the exploration of the natural treasures that is traditional Chinese medicine.

My passion and expertise in TCM practice has also brought me back into the college as an instructor.  Being able to educate future TCM practitioners and being an inspiring figure to students not only allows me to give back to the industry, but it also provides me an opportunity to share the knowledge and clinical experience I have acquired in the years of my practice.


I believe professionalism, maturity, passion, and knowledge are significant aspects in becoming a successful practitioner. My dedication to learning the traditional methodologies and respect for ancient knowledge allows me to utilize my experiences. I am confident that these are the qualities you will see in me when you come for your visit.


------------- Dr. Adrien Ip (D. TCM, R.Ac)

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